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  1850 Census of Howard Co 1870 Census of Howard Co

Excerpts from the 1860 Census of Howard County, IN:

Columns in the 1860 Census records shown below (not all census categories are reproduced):

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1. Dwelling-houses numbered in the order of visitation
2. Families numbered in the order of visitation
3. The name of every Person whose usual place of abode on the first day of June, 1860, was in this family
4. Age
5. Sex
6. Profession, Occupation, or Trade of each person, male and female, over 15 years of Age
7. Vaue of Real Estate
8. Value of Personal Estate
9. Place of Birth. Naming the State, Territory, or Country
10. Married within the year
11. Attended school within the year
12. Persons over 20 yrs of age who cannot read or write
13. Links to the 1850 census

Navigation tip: Use the << hyperlink on the left side of a row to jump to that person's entry in the 1850 census; Use the >> hyperlink on the right side of a row to jump to that person's entry in the 1870 census

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 Center Township (P.O.: Iron Furnace) 
 page 548; enumerated 7 June, 1860 
<<222222Kimber McFann46mFarmer60001115OH    >>
   Sarah McFann38f   OH     
   Levi D. McFann12f1         
   Palentine Hitch13f   OH /   
   Melissa Hitch5f     /   
   D. H. McFann10[?]m         
   Joshua McFann8m         
   Ormand McFann6m         
   Viola A. McFann4f         
   Charles McFann2m         
   Lewis McFann1/12m         
   Jno Widner[?]18 farm labor  unknown     

Notes and Credits:

1. This really was an "F" for female, but this is surely a mistake by the census taker.

Census records transcribed by Brian McFann.

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