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Emily McFann

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Data Summary:

The information presented in this section is tentative. See the Notes and Credits section below for discussion of the evidence and citation of sources.

Full Name: Emily McFann
Born: 16 June 1826 in Scioto Co, OH
Died: 16 July 1891, in Campbell, Jackson Co, OH
Places of Residence: Vernon Township, Scioto Co, OH; Wahsington Township, Lawrence Co, OH; Decatur Township, Lawrence Co, OH


Father:Unknown See note 2 below.



Allen M. Day
Born: Apr 1826
Died: 12 April 1903
Burial: 14 April 1903 in Olive Furnace Cemetery, Washington Towhnship, Lawrence Co, OH
Date of Marriage: 21 December 1845 in Scioto Co, OH
Military Service: Corporal, Co I, 4th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry, 24 September 1861--15 July 1865


Mary J. Day
Born: 1846--1847

James H. Day
Born: 2 June 1848 in OH
Died: 23 March 1920 in Fayetteville Towhship, Lawrence Co, OH

John W. Day
Born: 10 August 1851 in OH
Died: 25 December 1883
Burial: Wheelersburg Cemetery, Porter Township, Scioto Co, OH

Thomas O. Day
Born: 1859

Luella May Day
Born: 28 January 1870 in Decatur Township, Lawrence Co, OH
Died: 29 September 1938 in Springfield, Clark Co, OH
Burial: 1 October 1938 in Glen Haven Cemetery, Springfield, Clark Co, OH
Married: Theodore "Taylor" Barnes; James H. Harkins, 19 April 1903, in Mt Vernon, Lawrence Co, OH


This section lists all known (to me) sources of information on the family of Emily McFann. For a discussion of the evidence contained in these sources, and an explanation of how these sources were used in compiling the above Data Summary, see the Notes and Credits section below.

Census Records:

1850: in the household of her husband, Allen Day, in Green Township, Scioto Co, OH (National Archives Microfilm M432, Roll 727, pg 133, dwelling 64)
1860: in the household of Allen Day, Vernon Township, Scioto Co, OH (National Archives Microfilm M653, Roll 1033, page ?, dwelling 48)
1870: in the household of Allen Day, Washington Township, Lawrence Co, OH (National Archives Microfilm M593, Roll 1231, page 575, dwelling 99)
1880: in the household of Allen Day, Decatur Township, Lawrence Co, OH (National Archives Microfilm T9, Roll 1039, ED 83, sheet 4 [page 19D], family 29)

Vital Records:

Marriage record, Allen Day to Emily McFan, 21 December 1845, Scioto County, Vol B, page 82.

Index to Births, Lawrence County, Ohio. The entry for Luella Day gives her date of birth, father's name, mother's maiden name, and place of birth (township and County).

Record of Deaths, Lawrence County, Ohio. The entry for Emily Day gives her date of death as 16 July 1891, and her age as 65 years and one month. Place of death was Campbell, OH and her residence is reported to be Decatur Township, Lawrence Co, OH. The record does not give the names of her parents.

Death Certificate, Luella M. Harkins, Division of Vital Statistics, Department of Health, State of Ohio.

Military Pension Records:

Allen Day's Civil War Pension File, National Archives, SC 172929

Cemetery Records:

Graves Registration Card for Allen M. Day. Gives his date of death, place of burial, and service record.

Cemetery inscriptions from Wheelersburg Cemetery on the Scioto County Genealogy Hotspot. Includes the cemetery inscription for John W. Day and Lora M. Day. The cemetery is in Porter Township, Scioto Co, OH.


Allen Day obituary, Ironton Register, 16 April 1903 (Thursday).

Notes and Credits:

1. Jodie Raymond sent me photocopies of the census records, vital records, and obituaries; she also sent family group sheets for the families of Emily McFann and Luella Day. I thank Jodie for sharing this information with me.

2. Emily McFann is assumed to be the daughter of David McFann Sr (b. 1772) because he is the most likely father in the vicinity of Lawrence and Scioto Counties. See note 1 on David McFann's Family Page. Emily is young enough that she could be the daughter of David's sons David Jr (b. 1806) or William (b. 1804). But as far as we know, David Jr was not married until 1829 and William was never married.

3. Emily's date of birth is derived from her date of death and age at death as reported in the Record of Deaths (cited above). Date of birth for Allen M. Day is from the 1900 census; his date of death is from his graves registration card. Dates of birth and death for John W. Day are from the Wheelersburg Cemetery inscriptions. Date of birth for Luella Day appears to be 27 January in the index of births cited above and is 29 January on her death certificate. Jodie Raymond gives her date of birth as 28 January (from family sources, I assume).

4. Descendants of Emily McFann include Jodie Raymond.

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