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Excerpts from the 1920 Census for Denver County, CO:

Columns in the 1920 Census records shown below (not all census categories are reproduced):

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1. The name of every Person whose usual place of abode on the first day of June, 1920, was in this family
2. Age
3. Sex
4. Relationship to head of family
5. Marital status: "s" for single, "m" for married, and "w" for widowed or "d" for divorced
6. Occupation
7. Place of Birth
8. Father's place of birth
9. Mother's place of birth

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 City of Denver
 Enumeration District 200, sheet 1 B, line 83, on High street; Enumerated Jan 2--3, 1920
<< Herschel B. McFann34MheadmSteam fitter: Plumming shopNEININ
  Nora T. McFann34Fwifem OHIrelandIreland
  Joseph P. McFann7Msons CONEOH
  Donald H. McFann6Msons CONEOH
  John R. McFann2 9/12Msons CONEOH
  Anna L. McFann1 4/12Fdaus CONEOH
 Enumeration District 224, sheet 2 B, line 63, on Washington street; Enumerated Jan 3, 1920
  Daniel K. Hickey152Mheadmnone: oil coIrelandIrelandIreland
<< Daisy A. Hickey43Fwifem INPAIN
<< Blanch McFann430Fs in lawsTeacher: Telephone CoNEPAIN
<< Hattie McFann40Fs in lawsnoneINPAPA
 Enumeration District 279, sheet 3 B, dwelling 75, family 86, on East 7th Ave
<< Ralph G. McFann27MheadmAgent: Automobile [?]COPAIN
  Blanch D. McFann228Fwifem CanadaEnglandEngland
  Ralph G. McFann Jr2 1/12Msons COCOCanada
<< Blanch M [or W] McFann429FsistersInstructor: Telephone CoNEPAIN
  Susan H. Davis355Fm in lawm EnglandEnglandEngland

Notes and Credits

1. Additional categories for Daniel Hickey: Year of immigration to the U.S.: 1885; Naturalized or alien?: Na; If naturalized, year of naturalization: 1896.

2. Additional categories for Blanch D. McFann (wife of Ralph G. McFann): Year of immigration to the U.S.: 1895; Naturalized or alien?: Na; If naturalized, year of naturalization: 1917.

3. Additional categories for Susan H. Davis: Year of immigration to the U.S.: 1888; Naturalized or alien?: Al.

4. Blanch McFann (sister of Ralph McFann and sister-in-law of Daniel Hickey) seems to have been enumerated twice.

Census records transcribed by Brian McFann