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Herschel B. McFann

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Data Summary:

The information presented in this section is tentative. See the Notes and Credits section below for discussion of the evidence and citation of sources.

Full Name: Herschel B. McFann
Born: January 1885 in NE
Died: 1929
Burial: Crown Hill Cemetery, Wheat Ridge, CO


Father: James Preston McFann
Born: 6 November 1851 in Greene Co PA
Died: 1928

Mother: Laura May Knowles
Born: December 1856 in Liberty Mills, Wabash Co, IN
Died: 16 April 1919 in Denver, CO


Nora T. Mahoney
Born: 1885 in Ohio
Died: 1962
Burial: Crown Hill Cemetery, Wheat Ridge, CO
Date of Marriage: 7 May 1910, in Golden, CO

Children of Herschel B. McFann and Nora T. Mahoney:

Preston J. or Joseph P. McFann
Born: 1912 in CO

Donald P. McFann
Born: 1913 in CO
Married: Gertrude L. Mellow, 5 January 1936 in Littleton, CO

Robert J. or John R. McFann

Anna Laura McFann
Born: 1918 in CO
Married: Ray Sullivan

Pauline T. McFann
Married: Pete Steferie


This section lists all known (to me) sources of information on the family of Herschel B. McFann. For a discussion of the evidence contained in these sources, and an explanation of how these sources were used in compiling the above Data Summary, see the Notes and Credits section below.

Census Records:

1900: in the household of his father, Preston McFann, in Chester township, North Manchester, Wabash Co, IN (Enumeration District 114, sheet 21, family 564).
1920: at 2731 High street, Denver CO (Enumeration District 200, sheet 1B).


Denver City Directory, 1911, 1918, 1920, 1927. Transcribed for me by Rita Timm, a volunteer with Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness.


Janet McFann Randall has promised to scan a picture she has of Herschel and Nora McFann and their children.


Gertrude McFann,, posted 3 December 1999.

Cemetery Records:

Crown Hill Cemetery inscriptions for Herschel B. and Nora T. McFann. These cemetery inscriptions were transcribed by Rita Timm.

Crown Hill Cemetery records, Crown Hill Cemetery and Mortuary, 7777 West 29th Avenue, Denver, CO, 80215.

Court Records:

Laura May McFann Probate File, Denver County Court No. 24173. Lists Herschel B. McFann among the heirs. Rita Timm looked up the record at the Denver County Court and sent me copies.

Notes and Credits:

1. The date of birth for Herschel McFann is from the Crown Hill Cemetery inscription and from the 1900 census. Dates of birth for Nora Mahoney and the children of Herschel and Nora are from the census records.

2. The maiden name of Herschel's wife and their date of marriage, comes from a Colorado marriage record index. The information from the index was sent to me by Rita Timm, a volunteer with Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness. The maiden name of Donald's wife and their date of marriage is from the same source.

3. The names of the spouses of Anna Laura and Pauline came from Kathleen Gabriel, granddaughter of Herschel's brother Ralph.

4. Descendants of James Preston McFann include: Robert McFann; Janet McFann Randall, daughter of Robert McFann; and Gary McFann, son of Donald McFann.

Author: Brian McFann
Revised: 3 September 2000