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This is the Family Page for
Martha E. McFann

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Data Summary:

The information presented in this section is tentative. See the Notes and Credits section below for discussion of the evidence and citation of sources.

Full Name: Martha E. McFann
Also known as: Mattie
Born: 29 July 1873 in Wabash Co IN
Died: 24 March 1964
Burial: Oaklawn Cemetery, North Manchester, IN
Places of Residence: North Manchester, IN; Fort Wayne, IN


Father: Asa B. McFann
Born: 2 July 1826, in Waynesburg, Greene Co, PA
Died: 3 Nov 1912, in Lafayette, IN
Burial: Oaklawn Cemetery, North Manchester, IN

Mother: Amanda A. Martin
Born: 13 May 1830, in PA
Died: 1 November 1885, in North Manchester, IN
Burial: Oaklawn Cemetery, North Manchester, IN


Lewis (or Levi) Franklin Bonewitz (see note 6 below about his first name)
Born: August 1870, in OH
Died: 25 January 1953
Burial: Oaklawn Cemetery, North Manchester, IN
Date of Marriage: 5 March 1893 in Wabash County


Beatrice L. Bonewitz
Born: 21 September 1894
Died: 26 June 1925, in Akron IN
Burial: Oaklawn Cemetery, North Manchester, IN
Married: Donald C. Ross, 25 June 1925, in Wabash Co, IN

Marian A. Bonewitz
Born: 11 May 1899
Died: 11 May 1971
Burial: Covington Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Fort Wayne, IN
Married: Ora E. Goff


This section lists all known (to me) sources of information on the family of Martha E. McFann. For a discussion of the evidence contained in these sources, and an explanation of how these sources were used in compiling the above Data Summary, see the Notes and Credits section below.

Census Records:

1880: in the household of her father, Asa B. McFann, North Manchester, Wabash Co IN (Enumeration District 183, sheet 37 (page 231), household 388).
1900: in the household of her husband, Frank Bonewitz, North Manchester, Wabash Co IN (Enumeration District 114, sheet 14, family 380).
1910: in the household of Frank Bonewitz, North Manchester, Wabash Co IN (Enumeration District 143, sheet 16, family 163).

Vital Records:

Marriage License, Martha McFann to Levi Bonewitz (5 March 1893), Book 12, page 270, Wabash County Court. I have not seen the original record. The book and page number reported here was taken from Wabash County Marriages (cited below).

Marriage record, Beatrice L. Bonewitz to Donald C. Ross (25 June 1925), Wabash County, book 14, page 557 (as reported to me by Linda Thompson).

Wabash County Marriages: 1835--1899, compiled by Larry and Cynthia Scheuer (Warsaw, IN: Scheuer Publications, 1996). Contains the information from the Wabash County record books of the marriage of Martha McFann to Levi Bonewitz, including the book and page number of the original record. Linda Thompson looked up this record and sent me the information.

Abstracts: Bender Funeral Home, North Manchester, Indiana: 1922--1981, Edited by Linda Robertson (Wabash, IN: Wabash Carnegie Public Library, 1983). Contains a record for Beatrice L. Ross. Linda Thompson found this record for me.

Cemetery Records:

Binnie, Lester H, Cemetery Records for Chester Township, Wabash County, Indiana, Revised Edition (North Manchester, 1983). Contains the Oaklawn Cemetery inscriptions for L. Frank and Martha E. Bonewitz and Beatrice Bonewitz Ross (part 2, page 25).


Martha E. Bonewitz obituary, Wabash Plain Dealer, Wabash IN, 25 March 1964. Linda Thompson looked up this obituary and sent me a copy.


Martha E. (McFann) Bonewitz, photograph in the possession of Gene Goff, scanned by Gene's daughter, Anne Lipp.

Notes and Credits:

1. I am grateful to Linda Thompson for all her time and effort looking things up for me.

2. The information on this page is taken entirely from the census records, unless otherwise noted below.

3. The full date of birth for Martha McFann was taken from the 1898 circular in her father's pension file, in which she is refered to as "Mattie E." (which is also how my grandfather refered to her).

4. My grandfather sent me photographs of the gravestones of Martha and Frank Bonewitz and their daughter Beatrice Bonewitz Ross. On the back of one of the photographs he wrote: "Beatrice was killed in a car/train crash and her husband, Ross, lived. She was married one day and that same night she and her husband were in a car outside of North Manchester, Ind that was hit by a train running without lights." The full name of Beatrice's husband, and their date of marriage, was taken from the county marriage record, as reported to me by Linda Thompson. Her full date of birth, date of death, and the place of death are from the Bender funeral home abstracts (cited above), as reported to me by Linda Thompson.

5. The full name of Martha's husband and his date of death, and the married name of her daughter are taken from her obituary. The full date of her death is reckoned from ber obituary under the assumption that the date written on the clipping is the date that the obituary was published. I am grateful to Linda Thompson for looking up her obituary at the Wabash Carnegie Public Library and sending me a photocopy of it.

6. The first name of Martha's husband is Levi in the Marriage record (cited above) and Lewis in her obituary (also cited above).

7. Sources for the information on Asa B. McFann and Amanda Martin are on Asa B. McFann's Family Page.

8. The exact dates of birth and death for Marian Bonewitz and her place of burial are from the records of the West Creighton Ave Christian Church, Fort Wayne, IN, as reported to me by Adam J. Barrone, church historian.

Author: Brian McFann
Revised: April 2000