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Melvin O. McFann, Fern McFann, John D. McFann and others, date unkown, original in the possession of Jack McFann. Linda Trekell sent me a scan of this picture. Linda writes: "In this picture on the far left is Melvin and on the far right, behind the girl, is Melvin's dad - John. The little boy, in the middle, with black hat, coat and tie is my dad, Jack.... Behind him is Fern and her husband Mulligan. Dad said this picture was taken as he and his parents were getting ready to leave Indiana for their home in Madison, Kansas. In the background is Melvin's car - called a Chevrolet touring car - and on the back is hooked what looks to be a trunk with a white box on top that dad said had two rabbits in it."

Author: Brian McFann
Revised: 9 February 2000