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Excerpt from the 1884 History of Wabash County:

Transcribed from Helm, Thomas B., History of Wabash County, Indiana (1884), pages 284--5, by Linda Thompson.

North Manchester Cornet Band

This band was organized in 1876, from the selected membership of two other similar organizations. Orginally the band consisted of thirteen pieces. By agreement it was disbanded in 1880, but immediately re-organized with ten pieces, under the instruction of Prof. A. B. McFann, Musical Director, and J. P. McFann, Leader. An entire new set of instruments of the Distin patent was purchased, and it is believed this is the only band in this State equipped with a full set of these instruments. The gentlemen constituting this organization have developed musical abilities unsurpassed by any band in Northern Indiana, and have attained remarkable technical skill in the rendition of difficult musical productions. Their repertoire consists chiefly of classical music and national airs - but very few of the hackneyed airs of the day finding a place in their books. The members of the band are: H. B. Sheller, First E-flat; James Taylor, Second E-flat; W. E. Thomas, First B-flat; D. S. Miller, Second B-flat; Prof. A. B. McFann, Solo Alto; D. Lautzenhiser, First Tenor; George Crill, Second Tenor; Dr. D. Ginther, Baritone; Albert Beachley, Tuba; Charles Felter, Snare Drum and George Shupp, Bass Drum.

Brian McFann