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Selected Court Records for
Asa B. McFann

1896 Marriage License:

Application for Marriage Licence

No. 2224

1. Fullname of the man,   Asa B. McFann
2. Full name of the woman,   Martha Hill
3.Relationship of the parties, either by blood or marriage,   None
4. Age of the man,   70 yrs. old
5. Age of the woman,   67 yrs. old about
6. Residence of the man,   North Manchester, Ind
7. Residence of the woman,   Sycamore, Greene Co., PA
8. Parents' names---man,   Jonathan and Nancy McFann
9. Parents' names---woman,   William Hill and ---- Hill
11. Date of death of man's former wife, if any,   About 10 years ago
12. Date of death of woman's former husband, if any,   None
17. Occupation of man,   Harnessmaker

Duplicate Certificate

No. 2224

I,   J. M. Howard   hereby certify, that on the   27th   day of   Aug (1896)
one thousand eight hundred and ninety-   6   at   Waynesburg, Pennsylvania
  Asa B McFann   and   Martha Hill
were by me united in marriage, in accordance with license issued by the Clerk of the Orpans' Court of Greene County, Pennsylvania, number


A copy of Asa B. McFann's 1996 marriage license was sent to me by Joan Egan (who got it from Richard M. Hughes).

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