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Bible Records

Andrew J. McFann's Bible:


This bible is now in the possession of Marilyn Woodard Lentz, who believes that Andrew J. McFann was its original owner. Marilyn reports that the bible was published in 1829. A picture of the bible can be seen on the Andrew Jackson McFann page of Marilyn's family history site. At the bottom of the fly leaf, written upside down, is written, "Mr A. J. McFann". The name Elizabeth appears at the top of the fly leaf, but the rest of the writing there is not readable. Marilyn reports that the pages on which the family records appear are connected and bound within the middle of the bible.

The records appear on several pages. I have arbitrarily assigned letters to these pages so that we can have a convenient way of refering to them.

Page A:
The following records were transcribed by Marilyn Woodard Lentz and revised by me from a photocopy that Marilyn sent me:

David McFann
Born Dec 25, 1772
Deceased Dec 2 1837

Mary McFann
Born Oct 3 1779

Lettecia McFann
Born May 5 1800
Deceased May 9 1838

Sarah McFann
Born July 12, 1802

Wm McFann
Born Sept 19, 1804
Deceased Oct 9 1842

David McFann
Born July 17, 1806

Mary McFann
Born Feb 23, 1809

Marilyn reports that the other side of this page is blank.

A scan of this page can be seen on Marilyn's web site.

For more information on the people named on this page of the bible, see David McFann's Family page (for the David McFann born in 1772), David McFann's Family page (for the David McFann born in 1806), and Andrew J. McFann's Family Page.

Page B:
The following records were transcribed by me from a photocopy that Marilyn sent me, with help from Marilyn who has the original. Marilyn reports that her mother made some entries and changed some dates on this page. At the top of the page is written lightly "Andrew Jackson McFann" over which someone has written "First Family of".
Then the follwing names and dates are written in the same hand as Page A.

Andrew Jackson McFann
Born Feb 19th 1820 [it appears that it was originally 1820 but someone wrote 17 over the 20]

Mary McFann
Born July 14th 18[someone has written 20 over the original]

Dennis H. McFann
Born Dec 2 1840

Demetrius McFann
Born March 30th 1843

Eliza Jane McFann
Born Aug 16th 184[Marilyn reports that this is a 2 written over by a 4]

Page C
These records were transcribed by me from a photocopy that Marilyn sent me. It is written in two different hands with mariginal notes in at least one other hand. I have not transcribed every word of this page.

Lizzie B. Keister
Born Sept 11, 1849 [to the right of this, in a different hand, is written: died Jan 20 1871]
Married [above and to the right of this, in a different hand, is written: --> age 22]
to A. J. McFann [in another hand: 2 - 19 - 1820]
Sept 1, 1871 [to the right of this, in another hand: (age 51). And below that: died 1907 age 87]

Grace R. McFann
Born August 29, 1872
Feb. [in another hand: 2-24-1934. And in another hand: 62]

Legrand B. McFann
Born March 12, 1874
[in a different hand: Died March 28, 1892; and in another hand: 18 ys]
[It appears that Wells A McFann was once written here and can still be faintly seen. Marilyn reports that at the bottom of the page, faintly, in pencil, it says "This ?? is to correct the mistake in the E??? of Andrew J. McFann I rote for Wells McFann."]
Andrew J. McFann [Andrew J. appears to be crossed out and "(infant)" is written underneath]
Born March 18, 1876

The following names and dates are written in a different hand than in the top half of this page:

Andrew J. McFann (infant)
Born [March 18 is crossed out] 187[9 is written over the last digit]
[To the right of this, in a different hand is written:
Nov. 9-1879
Nov. 1879]

Oscar F. McFann Mar 18, 1876
Died May 12, 1967

Wells A. McFann Mar 18, 1876
Died Aug 25, 1963

William Wilson McFann
8-23-1882 - 2-20-52

Lena Rivers McFann, Kinder
Roesch, Smeltz Nov. 19, 1889
Nov. 2, 1977

Marilyn reports the following entries on the back of this page:

A.J.McFann, Second. Born Nov 9, 1979. Deceased some (2) weeks later.

Willie McFann, born 23 August 1882

Lena McFann, 19 November 1889

Marilyn reports that the above entries are made in pencil and she believes that they are in the handwriting of A. J. McFann.

Page D
Some of the dates on this page may have been writted or written over by a different hand.

Grace R. McFann Born 29 Aug 1872
Legrand B. McFann Born 12 March 1874
Oscar F. McFann Born 18 March 1876
Wells A. McFann Born March 18 1876
Willis [or "Willie"; "W." is inserted] McFann Born Aug 23 188[?]
Lena M. McFann Born Nov 19 18[?]
A. J. McFann 19 Feb 1820
Lizzie B. McFann Sept 11 1849

Family of A J McFann and Lizzie
[C?]arl R. McFann Born
17 of Dec 1898
Sarah Elizabeth McFann
[18?] of Dec 1900

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