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Purpose of this Site:

The purpose of this site is to present what is currently known about the different branches of the McFann family and provide links to the people who are researching these branches. At present, this site documents only two branches of the McFann family. But I intend to cover all U.S. and Canandian branches of the McFann family eventually.

This site began in August 1999 with a single branch of the family, the descendants of Jonathan McFann (born 1800--1810) of Greene County, PA. Jonathan McFann had four sons: Asa, William, Jonathan, and Levi. By 1920 Jonathan McFann's descendants had settled in Butler County, PA; Wetzel, Marshall, Marion, and Ohio Counties, WV; Wabash and St Joseph Counties, IN; Lyon County, KS; Creek and Tulsa Counties, OK; Denver, CO, and Williams County, OH.

In June 2000 I began to document the branch of the family which includes all those lines that can be traced back to Lawrence and Scioto Counties, OH. Some of these lines are known to have descended from David McFann (born 1772) of Lawrence County, OH. The others may also have descended from David McFann, but we have not yet found the evidence to prove the connection. This branch includes the descendants of Kimber McFann and Lycurges McFann, both of whom settled in Howard County, IN; and it includes the descendants of Dennis McFann, who settled in Cass County, IN; and the descendants Demetrius McFann, who settled in Missouri and Arkansas. The work on this branch has only just started, so many of the individual lines in this branch have not yet been documented.

Documentation of both of the above branches has been (and continues to be) a collaborate effort. Many people have contributed information from family sources and from their own research.

Other branches that have not yet been documented on this site include the descendants of William McFann of Greene County, PA; the descendants of Nathaniel McFann, who settled in Wayne County, OH; and branches in Western Pennsylvania and in Delaware. I intend to document these branches on this site eventually.

I am hoping that descendants of the McFanns documented on these pages will find the site and help me by contributing the information that I need to complete the project. All those who have information on McFanns and their descendants are encouraged to share what they know through this site. Although the site is at present focused on only a few branches of the McFann family, I am interested in all branches of the family and would love to hear from anyone else that is interested in McFann family history. I am keeping a list of people who are interested in McFann family history, which also serves as a register of McFanns and the descendants of McFanns. If you would like to have your name added to the list, please contact me.

Contents of this Site:

There are several ways to access the information on this site:
  1. The Chart is a series of hyperlinked pages that shows at glance the relationships among individuals. Here are the starting points for the Chart:

  2. The Chart shows only names, dates of birth, and places of birth. More detailed genealogical information is available on the Family Pages linked to each underlined name on the Chart. Family Pages can also be accessed directly from a List of Family Pages.

  3. The census records on this site are hyperlinked together, so that it is possible to browse the census records starting at one of the following points:

  4. I have compiled an Index of Names with links to the Chart and Family Pages.

  5. Search the site.

  6. If you can't find what you are looking for, please write to me.
None of the pages on this site contain personal information on living persons.

Please see the Links page for a list of people who are interested in McFann family history, links to other web sites, and links to McFann Message Boards.

What's New:

27 July 2001: Picture of John McFann in his Civil War uniform from the collection of Jeri Perez.

3 January 2001: Pictures from the collection of Wilber Van Scoik:

1 January 2001: Civil War pension records and Family Page for John McFann.

19 October 2000: Civil War pension records for Andrew J. McFann

18 October 2000: Civil War pension records for James McFann

28 August 2000: Pictures from the collection of David Christy:

13 July 2000: Pictures from the collection of Gene Goff:


This is the place for announcements of births, weddings, graduations, reunions, ..., etc. If you would like to make an announcement, please write to me.

August 2000:

Nominated for an Emmy in the category "Art Direction for a Variety or Music Program":
Cher: Live in Concert - From the MCM Grand in Las Vegas
Home Box Office
Bruce Ryan, Production Designer, Kent McFann, Art Director

Kent McFann (my brother) is the great great grandson of Asa B. McFann


Please try the Index of Names first. Not all of the names appearing on the pages of this site appear in the Index of Names. So if the name you are looking for does not appear there, try a search.


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  1. You can use quotation marks to search for an exact phrase. Try, for example, "Lila McFan" or "Dawson McFann". (Note, however, that to find all references on this site to Dawson McFann you will have to enter both "Dawson McFann" and "Dawson McFan".) Since the name McFann appears on every page of this site, it will not be helpful to include McFann in your search query unless you limit the query by including another word and surrounding the words with quotation marks.
  2. You can also generate a list of pictures on this site by searching for the word "picture".
If you can't find what you are looking for, please write to me.

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