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  1910 census of Lawrence Co  

Excerpts from the 1920 Census of Lawrence County, OH:

Columns in the 1920 Census records shown below (not all census categories are reproduced):

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1. The name of every Person whose usual place of abode on the first day of June, 1920, was in this family
2. Age
3. Sex
4. Relationship to head of family
5. Marital status: "s" for single, "m" for married, and "w" for widowed or "d" for divorced
6. Occupation
7. Place of Birth
8. Father's place of birth
9. Mother's place of birth

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 Decatur Township
 Enumeration District 94, sheet 1B, family 10
<< Charles McFann32mheadmMiner: coal mineOHOHOH
  Catharine McFann30fwifem OHOHOH
  Hazel McFann10fdaus OHOHOH
  Darline McFann6fdaus OHOHOH
  Edward McFann3/12msons OHOHOH
  Earline McFann3/12fdaus OHOHOH
 Enumeration District 94, sheet 1B, family 17
<< Arch McFann25mheadm OHOHOH
  Blanch McFann22fwifem OHOHOH
  Herbert McFann2 + 3/12msons OHOHOH
  Ohley McFann6/12msons OHOHOH
 Enumeration District 94, sheet 3B, family 56
<< ? [Amaziah?] McFann59mheadmLabor: farmOHOHOH
  Hanna McFann53fwife  OHOHOH
  Joseph McFann35mson  OHOHOH
  Laura McFann1515daus OHOHOH
  Roxie McFann13fdaus OHOHOH
 Enumeration District 94, sheet 4A, family 61
<< E. William McFann37mheadmMiner: coal mineOHOHOH
  Madie McFann32fwifem OHOHOH
  Dorthy McFann10fdaus OHOHOH
  Mable McFann9fdaus OHOHOH
  Andrew McFann7msons OHOHOH
  Shirly McFann4 + 3/12fdaus OHOHOH
  Earl McFann1 + 8/12msons OHOHOH
 Enumeration District 94, sheet 4B, family 63
<< ? Edward McFann28mheadmMiner: coal mineOHOHOH
  Katie McFann28fwifem OHOHOH
  Neal McFann3/12msons OHOHOH
 Enumeration District 94, sheet 4B, family 65
<< Demetrius McFann57mheadmMiner: coal mineOHOHOH
  Stella McFann46fwifem OH  
  [Jessie] McFann27fdausDomestic: private familyOHOHOH
  Frank McFann18msonsMiner: coal mineOHOHOH
  Hershel McFann15msonsLabor: farmOHOHOH
  Katie McFann13fdaus OHOHOH
  Edith McFann8fdaus OHOHOH
  Blanch McFann7fdaus OHOHOH
  Virgil McFann5msons OHOHOH
  Curtis McFann3 + 1/12msons OHOHOH
 Enumeration District 94, sheet 4B, family 67
<< David McFann63mheadmFarmer: [?] farmOHOHOH
  Rachel McFann68fwifem OHOHOH
  Earl McFann28msonscoal minerOHOHOH
  Arvil McFann23msonscoal minerOHOHOH
<< Margaret McFann84fmotherwd OH OH
 Enumeration District 94, sheet 4B, family 68
<< ? James McFann32mheadmMiner: coal mineOHOHOH
  Ada McFann29fwifem OHOHOH
  Abert McFann9msons OHOHOH
  Arthur McFann6msons OHOHOH
  Edgar McFann3 + 4/12msons OHOHOH
  Ray [or Roy] McFann9/12msons OHOHOH
 Ironton City
 Enumeration District 117, sheet 3B, family 76 (pg 216B)
<< Mary McFann55fheadwdWasherwoman: at homeOHOHOH
<< Mayme McFann22fdausPacker: cigar factoryOHOHOH
<< Nellie McFann18fdausPacker: cigar factoryOHOHOH
<< Fressie McFann16msonsShipper: cigar factoryOHOHOH
<< Norma McFann14fdaus OHOHOH
 Enumeration District 118, sheet 9B, 1820 5th street, family 205 (pg 240B)
<< Mrs Margaret Coffey58fheadwdnoneOH  
  Harvey Coffey30msondPharmacist: Drug storeOHOH 
<< Miss Dora McFann39fsissTeacher: public schoolOHOH 
 Washington Township
 Enumeration District 120, sheet 4A, family 62 (pg 275A)
<< Harly McFann27mheadsLabor: tile plantOHOHOH
  Minnie McFann38fsiss OHOHOH
<< ? Ruby McFann12fsiss OHOHOH
  Stanly McFann1 + 10/12mnephs OHOHOH
 Enumeration District 120, sheet 4B, family 65 (pg 275B)
<< Thedor McFann22mheadmMiner: coal mineOHOHOH
  Elizabeth McFann17fwifem OHOHOH
<< Anna McFann58fmotherw OHOHOH
 Enumeration District 120, sheet 4B, family 72 (pg 275B)
<< ? Harry McFann28mheadmMiner: coal mineOHOHOH
  Violia McFann21fwifem OHOHOH
  Wan[?]dia McFann1 + 5/12fdaus OHOHOH
 Enumeration District 120, sheet 8A, family 119 (pg 279A)
  John McFann34mheadmMiner: coal mineOHOHOH
  Nellie McFann27fwifem OHOHOH
  Dislie McFann7f[?]sons OHOHOH

Census records transcribed by Brian McFann

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