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Demetrius McFann

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Data Summary:

The information presented in this section is tentative. See the Notes and Credits section below for discussion of the evidence and citation of sources.

Full Name: Demetrius McFann
Also known as: Dent or Dint McFann
Born: 12 September 1868
Died: 26 February 1921
Burial: Vernon Cemetery, Pedro, OH
Places of Residence: Cannonsburg, Boyd Co, KY; Decatur Township, Lawrence Co, OH


Father: Andrew J. McFann
Born: 7 July 1832 in Scioto Co, OH
Died: 15 February 1913 in Decatur, Lawrence Co, OH

Mother: Margaret Ann Munyan
Born: 4 January 1836 in OH
Died: 23 December 1922 in Lawrence Co, OH


Stella Buffington
Born: 3 September 1873
Died: 25 August 1947
Burial: Vernon Cemetery, Pedro, OH
Date of Marriage: 5 December 1889

Children of Demetrius McFann and Stella Buffington:

Ernest McFann
Born: 5 January 1891

Jessie Mae McFann
Born: 8 July 1892

Arthur Stanley McFann
Born: 1 March 1893
Died: in infancy

Willis Edward McFann
Also known as: Edward W. McFann
Born: 16 April 1894 or 1895

Winnefred McFann
Born: 30 August 1897

Fred McFann
Born: 22 September 1899
Died: at 3 years

Franklin R. McFann
Born: 26 October 1901

Herschel McFann
Born: 5 April 1904
Died: 1993
Married: Herma Evans; Lucille

Marjorie Catherine McFann
Also known as: Katie
Born: 10 May 1906

Callie McFann
Born: 22 May 1908
Died: at 5 years

Edith Agnes McFann
Born: 16 September 1910

Blanche Marie McFann
Born: 4 November 1912

Virgil Lewis McFann
Born: 15 December 1914

Curtis Eugene McFann
Born: 16 December 1916


This section lists all known (to me) sources of information on the family of Demetrius McFann. For a discussion of the evidence contained in these sources, and an explanation of how these sources were used in compiling the above Data Summary, see the Notes and Credits section below.

Census Records:

1870: Not yet found
1880: in the household of his father, who appears as Jac McFann, in Precinct 3 of Cannonsburg, Boyd Co, KY (National Archives Microfilm, T9, Roll 413, ED 9, sheet 12 [Page 195D], family 92)
1900: in Decatur Township, Lawrence Co, OH (National Archives Microfilm, T623, Roll 1292, ED 64, sheet 7 [Page 21A--B], family 123)
1910: in Decatur Township, Lawrence Co, OH (National Archives Microfilm, T624, Roll 1202, ED 78, sheet 6A [Page 155A], family 77)
1920: in Decatur Township, Lawrence Co, OH (National Archives Microfilm, T625, Roll 1400, ED 94, sheet 4B [Page 155A], family 65)

Vital Records:

Marriage record, Demetrius McFann to Stella Buffington, Lawrence County, Book 15, pg 247.

Certificate of death, Dint H. McFann, Bureau of Vital Statistics, State of Ohio, file no. 10009. A copy was obtained from the Ohio Historical Society.

Notes and Credits:

1. Judith May provided me with dates of birth, death, and marriage for Demetrius and his wife, and a complete list of their children with the dates of birth and death that appear above.

2. Descendants of Demetrius McFann include: Judith May and Lois Ezell, daughters of Katie McFann; Carolyn McFann, granddaughter of Herschel McFann; and Doris McFann Tock, daughter of Willis Edward McFann .

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