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  1880 census of Wetzel Co WV

Excerpts from the 1900 Census for Wetzel Co WV:

Columns in the 1900 Census records shown below (not all census categories are reproduced):

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1. The name of every Person whose usual place of abode on the first day of June, 1900, was in this family
2. Month of birth
3. Year of birth
4. Age at last birthday
5. Sex
6. Relationship to head of family
7. Marital status: "s" for single, "m" for married, and "w" for widowed or "d" for divorced
8. Number of years married
9. Mother of how many children
10. Number of those children still living
11. Profession, Occupation, or Trade of each person, male and female, over 15 years of Age
12. Place of Birth. Naming the State, Territory, or Country
13. Father's place of birth
14. Mother's place of birth
15. Links to 1910 census

Navigation tip: Use the << hyperlink on the left side of a row to jump to that person's entry in the 1880 census; Use the >> hyperlink on the right side of a row to jump to that person's entry in the 1910 census

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 Clay District, Littleton 
 Enumeration district 95, sheet 14, family 246 (page 64B) 
<< William McFannOct183?691MHeadm44   PAPAPA  
  Elizabeth McFannDec183663Fwifem44   PAPAPA  
<< Nancy HebbeOct186831Fdaum1211dress makerWVPAPA >>
  Nellie B. HebbeSept18909Fgranddau     KansWiscWV  
 Enumeration district 95, sheet 16, family 277 (page 64B) 
  Friend E. HearanJuly186930MHeadm11  Day laborerWVWVWV >>
<< Ona HearanJan186930Fwifem1154 WVPAWV  
  Alice HearanMay189010Fdaus    WVWVWV  
  Monroe HearanNov18927Msons    WVWVWV  
  Johnie HearanJune18945Msons    WVWVWV  
  Clarance HearanMay19008/12Msons    WVWVWV  
 Enumeration District 95, sheet 18, family 312 (page 68A) 
<< William McFannJan186238MHeadm5  Day laborerWVPAPA >>
  Lizzie McFannAug188822Fwifem533 WVPAPA  
  Maggie McFannApril[?]18955Fdaus    WVWVWV  
  AgnesJune18972Fdaus    WVWVWV  
  TrumanJan19004/12Msons    WVWVWV  

Notes and Credits

1. William McFann's age seems to have been originally written 69 and then corrected to 63. The year of birth was also altered; it appears to be 1833.

The enumeration district and sheet number are found at the top of each census page. The page numbers given above are the numbers stamped on the upper right corner of every other census page.

A [?] in the above indicates that I am not sure of the transcription.

Census records transcribed by Brian McFann