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Levi M. McFann

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Data Summary:

The information presented in this section is tentative. See the Notes and Credits section below for discussion of the evidence and citation of sources.

Full Name: Levi Monroe McFann
Born: 22 March 1860 in Waynesburg, Greene Co, PA
Died: 10 May 1933 in Holliday Cove, Hancock Co, WV
Burial: McMechen Cemetery, Marshall Co, WV
Places of Residence: McMechen, WV


Father: Jonathan McFann
Born: 23 September 1836 in Waynesburg, Greene Co, WV
Died: 17 December 1905

Mother: Mary Ferguson
Born: 6 December 1839 in PA
Died: 29 October 1898
Burial: Sand Hill Cemetery, Greene Co, PA


Elizabeth Jane Bogard
Born: January 1864 in WV
Died: 1929
Burial: McMechen Cemetery, McMechen, WV
Date of Marriage: 29 June 1881 in Benwood, Marshall Co, WV


George E. McFann
Born: October 1884 in WV
Died: 1929
Burial: McMechen Cemetery, McMechen, WV
Married: Katheryn Chambers

Clarence McFann
Born: 1885
Died: 1886
Burial: McMechen Cemetery, McMechen, WV

Mary B. McFann
Born: July 1888

Edna Mae McFann
Born: May 1890
Married: Jessie O. McCracken, 27 December 1907, in Moundsville, Marshall County, WV

Levi M. McFann
Born: January 1893

Hazel McFann
Born: 1895
Died: 1896
Burial: McMechen Cemetery, McMechen, WV

Edith R. McFann
Born: August 1897


This section lists all known (to me) sources of information on the family of Levi M. McFann. For a discussion of the evidence contained in these sources, and an explanation of how these sources were used in compiling the above Data Summary, see the Notes and Credits section below.

Census Records:

1860: in the household of his father, Jonathan McFann, in Wetzel Co, VA (page 24)
1870: in the household of Jonathan McFann, Church townhship, Wetzel Co, WV (page 146)
1880: in the household of Jonathan McFann, in Church District, Wetzel Co, WV (Enumeration District 102, sheet 51).
1900: in McMechen, Union District, Marshall Co, WV (Enumeration District 74, sheet 7).
1910: in McMechen, Union District, Marshall Co, WV (National Archives Microfilm T624, Roll 1688, Enumeration District 90, sheet 14A).
1920: Not yet found

Vital Records:

Marriage record for Monroe McFann and Elizabeth J. Bogard, Marriage Record Book No C-1, page 23, Clerk's Office of the County Commission of Marshall County. The Clerk's Office sent me a transcription of the original record.

Certificate of Death for Levi Monroe McFann, No 5841, West Virginia State Department of Health.

Cemetery Records:

McMechen Cemetery, on the Marshall County, West Virginia Genealogy Page. Contains cemetery inscriptions for Father, Mother, Clarence, Hazel, and George McFann, and Katheryn McFann Singer.


Helen M. Rogers obituary, Cumberland Times-News, Cumberland, MD. This is an external link to the Cumberland Times-News obituary archive. According to the obituary, Helen Rogers was born 26 March 1911 in McMechen, WV, the daughter of Jesse O. McCracken and Edna Mae McFann.

Secondary Sources:

The Geary/Gary Family and Related Surnames, a GEDCOM database assembled by Pat and Jim Geary, which can be accessed through their Geary or Gary Family Genealogy web page or through the WorldConnect Project search engine at rootsweb, contains information on the family of Jess McCracken, husband of Edna M. McFann. The date of marriage given above for Edna M. McFann and Jesse O. McCracken was taken from this source.

Notes and Credits:

1. Levi's date of marriage and his wife's maiden name are from his marriage record (cited above). The record gives both their ages as 21, but the cemetery inscription and 1900 census record give his wife's date of birth as 1864.

2. Dates of birth and death for Clarence, Hazel, and George, and the date of death for Elizabeth J., are from the McMechen Cemetery inscriptions. George's year of birth is 1883 in the 1900 census but 1884 in the cemetery inscriptions.

3. George E. McFann is in the 1920 census. Included in his household are his wife, Katie McFann; son, Kenneth E. McFann; and sister-in-law, Lulu B. Chambers. From this I am guessing that the maiden name of his wife is Chambers. I am also guessing that the Katheryn McFann Singer found in McMechen Cemetery is his re-married widow.

4. Descendants of Levi Monroe McFann include Lorena Blanchard Sweeney.

Author: Brian McFann
Revised: 4 April 2000