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Jonathan A. McFann

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Data Summary:

The information presented in this section is tentative. See the Notes and Credits section below for discussion of the evidence and citation of sources.

Full Name: Jonathan A. McFann
Also known as: John McFann
(And to distinguish him from his father, he is on these pages sometimes refered to as Jonathan McFann Jr)
Born: 23 September 1836, in Greene Co, PA
Places of Residence: Greene Co, PA; Wetzel Co, WV
Died: 17 December 1905
Military Service: Private, Co. H, 17th WV Infantry Feb 16, 1865--June 30, 1865


Father: Jonathan McFann
Born: 1800--1810
Died: 1830--1840

Mother: Nancy McClelland
Born: 1807 in PA
Died: After 1880


Mary Ferguson
Born: 6 December 1839 in PA
Died: 29 October 1898
Burial: Sand Hill Cemetery, Greene Co, PA


Emily McFann
Born: 25 September 1858 PA
Married: (1) James B. Bissett; (2) Charles A. Niebergall

Levi Monroe McFann
Born: 22 March 1860, in PA
Died: 10 May 1933 in Hollidays Cove, Hancock Co, WV
Married: Elizabeth Jane Bogard, 29 June 1881, in Benwood, Marshall Co, WV

Mary Bell McFann
Born: 11 December 1862, in Wetzel Co, VA
Married: Keldow

Elizabeth Jane McFann
Born: 6 May 1864, in Wetzel Co, WV

William Lindsey McFann
Born: 17 January 1867, Wetzel Co, WV
Died: 13 September 1929 in Lincoln District, Marion Co, WV
Married: Elizabeth A. Freeland, 31 January 1895 in Wetzel Co, WV

Alma Leona McFann
Born: 13 January 1870, in Wetzel Co, WV
Died: 2 April 1944, in Marion Co, WV
Married: Friend E. Hearn, 15 August 1891, in Wetzel Co, WV

Ardella McFann
Also known as: Della
Born: 13 February 1872, in Wetzel Co, WV
Married: John Maronia (a.k.a. John Maroney), 10 November 1889

Mary Maggie McFann
Born: 28 May 1877, in Wetzel Co, WV

George McFann
Born: 18 December 1880, in Wetzel Co, WV


Census Records:

1840: not found
1850: in the household of his maternal grandfather, Asa McClelland, Marion township, Greene Co, PA (pg 236)
1860: in Wetzel Co, VA (page 24)
1870: in Church townhship, Wetzel Co, WV (page 146)
1880: in Church District, Wetzel Co, WV (Enumeration District 102, sheet 51, family 391)
1890: Special Census of Union Veterans and Widows, Littleton, Clay District, Wetzel Co, WV.
1900: not yet found

Vital Records:

Marriage record for Della McFann and Jno W. Maronia, Clerk's Office of the County Commission of Marshall County, WV, Marriage Record Book D, page 97.

Military Pension Records:

John McFann's pension records, National Archives, Soldier's Certificate 234507.

Bible Records:

Transcription of family records from Asa B. McClelland's Bible, found in Levi R. McFann's pension file. Includes date of birth for Jonathan A. McFann.

Cemetery Records:

Sand Hill Cemetery inscriptions, recorded by RandyWilliams. Includes a cemetery inscription for Mary, wife of John McFann.

Notes and Credits:

1. All the information on this page is based on the census records, unless otherwise noted below.

2. The maiden name of Jonathan McFann's wife Mary (Ferguson) is given in the 1898 Circular in his pension file and also on the death certificate of Alma Leona McFann, obtained by RandyWilliams from the Marion County Court.

3. The names and dates of births of Jonathan McFann's children were given by him on the 1898 Circular in his pension file.

4. Sources of information on Emily, Levi M., Alma L., and William L. are listed on their Family Pages.

4. Jonathan McFann's date of death is taken from a document in his pension file.

5. Lloyd Roupe gave me the location of Jonathan McFann in the census, 1860--1880. I might not have found the 1860 record otherwise.

6. Jonathan McFann's record in the 1890 Special Census of Union Veterans and Widows was found for me by Wetzel County lookup volunteer Mariana Zuelsdorf.

7. Jonathan McFann's middle initial and his full date of birth are given in the transcription of the family Bible records that was found in Levi R. McFann's pension file.

8. The married name of his daughter (Mary) Bell is from Alma Leona McFann's obituary. The married name of his daughter Della is Maronia in her marriage record, but is Maroney in the census records and Maroney in Alma Leona McFann's obituary.

Brian McFann
Revised: 4 July 2000