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Excerpts from the 1900 Census or Lawrence County, OH:

Columns in the 1900 Census records shown below (not all census categories are reproduced):

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1. The name of every Person whose usual place of abode on the first day of June, 1900, was in this family
2. Month of birth
3. Year of birth
4. Age at last birthday
5. Sex
6. Relationship to head of family
7. Marital status: "s" for single, "m" for married, and "w" for widowed or divorced
8. Number of years married
9. Number of children of woman
10. Number of those children still living
11. Profession, Occupation, or Trade of each person, male and female, over 15 years of Age
12. Place of Birth. Naming the State, Territory, or Country
13. Father's place of birth
14. Mother's place of birth
15. Links to 1910 census

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 Decatur Towhship 
 Enumeration District 64, sheet 2, family 25 (page 16A) 
  James H. RiddApr183466mheadm14  FarmerPAGerPA  
  Milly RiddFeb186040fwifem1466 WVWVWV  
  Hattie RiddDec18918fdaus   At schoolOHPAWV  
  Love[w?]ella RiddJune18945fdaus    OHPAWV  
  Fred AddisJune188415mgr sons   Day laborerOHWVWV  
  Guss AddisMar188515mgr sons   Day laborerOHWVWV  
  Grover AddisNov188912mgr sons   Day laborerOHWVWV  
  John McFannJan[?]188317mboarders   Farm laborerOHOHOH  
 Enumeration District 64, sheet 6, family 92? (page 20A) 
<< Allen DayApr182674mhead    Day laborerOHVAOH  
<< Luella M. BarnesJan187030fdau  32 OHOHOH  
  Elmer Barnes1Dec18909mgr sons   At schoolOHOHOH  
  Edgar HarkinsOct18954mgr sons    OHOHOH  
  James H. Harkins2Sept186435mboarders   Rail Road laborerOHPAOH  
 Enumeration District 64, sheet 7, family 121 (page 21A) 
<< [J. Wesley?] McFannOct185247mheads   Day laborerOHOHIreland  
<< Eliza McFannApr186535fsiss    OHOHKY  
 Enumeration District 64, sheet 7, family 123 (page 21A--B) 
<< Demetrius McFannSept186831mheadm10  Coal minierOHOHOH >>
  Stella McFannSept187326fwifem1065 OHOHOH  
  Erna McFannJan18919msons   At schoolOHOHOH  
  Jessie M. McFannJuly18927fdaus    OHOHOH  
  Edward McFannApr18955msons    OHOHOH  
  Winafred McFannAug18972fdaus    OHOHOH  
  Fred McFannSept18998/12msons    OHOHOH  
 Enumeration District 64, sheet 7, family 124 (page 21B) 
<< Amaziah McFannFeb186040mheadm17  Coal minerOHOHOH >>
  Annie McFannMar186832fwifem1766 OHOHOH  
  Joseph McFannDec188415msons   Coal minerOHOHOH  
  Pearly M. McFannSept188712fdaus   At schoolOHOHOH  
  Harry P. McFannSept18909msons   At schoolOHOH   
  Jennie McFannSept18927fdaus   At schoolOHOHOH  
  Gustava McFannMar18955fdaus    OHOHOH  
  Vernon McFannOct18972fdaus    OHOHOH  
 Enumeration District 64, sheet 7, family 128 (page 21B) 
<< Wil[liam] McFannApr186634mheadm12  coal minerOHOHOH >>
  Mary McFannNov186[5?]33fwifem1266 OHOHOH  
  Essie McFannApr188812fdaus   At schoolOHOHOH  
  Frank McFannJan189010msons   At schoolOHOHOH  
  Clarence McFannAug18919msons    OHOHOH  
  Arch McFannJan18946msons    WVOHOH  
  Etta McFannFeb18973fdaus    OHOHOH  
  Millie McFannMar18991fdaus    OHOHOH  
 Enumeration District 64, sheet 8, family 140 (page 22A) 
  Mary A. McFannFeb186139fheadwd18[?]65 KYKYKY >>
  Ar[...?] McFannJuly188217fdaus    OHOHKY  
  Charles McFannMay188812msons    OHOHKY  
  Harlie McFannJune18926msons    OHOHKY  
  Theodore McFannMar18973msons    OHOHKY  
 Enumeration District 64, sheet 9, family 153 (page 23A) 
<< David McFannAug185643mheadm25  Coal minerOHOHOH >>
  Rachel McFannAug185643[f]wifem25119 OHOHOH  
  Andrew J. McFannNov187623msons   Coal minerOHOHOH >>
  Ella McFannFeb187921fdaus    KYOHOH  
  William McFannFeb188119msons   Coal minerKYOHOH ? >>
  Amaziah McFannFeb188317msons   Coal minerOHOHOH  
  James McFannOct188514msons   At schoolOHOHOH ? >>
  Bertha May McFannSept188910fdaus   At schoolOHOHOH  
  Earl Ray McFannMay18928msons    OHOHOH  
  Elija[?] McFannJuly18954msons    OHOHOH  
  Orville McFannSept1897;2msons    OHOHOH  
 Enumeration District 64, sheet 11, family 195 (page 25B) 
<< Andrew J. McFannJuly183069mheadm47  FarmerKYKYIre >>
  Margaret McFannJan183565fwifem 97 OHOHOH  
 Upper Towhship 
 Enumeration District 86, sheet 22, family 455 (page 167A) 
  Edward CoffeeAug186039mheadm17  Engineer at furnaceKYKYKY  
<< Margaret CoffeeJan186338fwifem1733 OHOHOH >>
  Winifred CoffeeOct188316fdaus   At schoolOHOHKY  
  Laura M. CoffeeSept188514fdaus   At schoolOHOHKY  
  Harvey J. CoffeeSept188910msons   At schoolOHOHKY  
<< Dora McFannJuly187524fs-in-laws   school teacherOHOHOH >>

1. Elmer Barnes was the child of Luella by her first marriage to Theodore Barnes.

2. James Harkins was born 1 December 1858 in Jackson Co, OH. He married Luella Day Barnes 19 April 1903.

Census records transcribed by Brian McFann. I thank Jodie Raymond for sending me a photocopy of the record for Allen Day and family along with her transcription of the record.

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